Who Wants to Interpret a Random Dream? And I give an affirmation that could work for COVID-19

Hello, Random Readers! Why is the exclamation mark all the way up at the 1 instead of near the question mark on a  keyboard?  Who configured the keyboard anyway? The typewriter people?  Does anyone remember those things?  I learned how to type in the 7th grade. All my kids learned by doing. I am not … Read more

Whatchagonnasay? or Getting the Slang of Relationships

Whatchagonnasay? or Getting the Slang of Relationships KnowhatImsayin? Oh You will. Today I Gotalittlewordy and FlirtedWithSomeWords. Hi and Welcome to another journalentry or journal-type-entry or blog. My blog has a specific purpose. It is for self helpers. Years ago I started a meeting called S.I.S.T.E.R.S. Self Improvement Studies To End Relationships Struggles IN THIS GROUP … Read more

7 Found Pages of Writing, spoiler alert, It’s about Self – Love

December 6, 2020 3am As with many of the things I type up here, the brackets [ ] mean it is something I have added to clarify with or comment on. INTRO I have found some writing similar to the Thoughts On Paper content. It starts out with me explaining that I awoke early in … Read more