Had to Look Good Under Any And All Conditions

Why have I made two websites and why do I write? Because I found Wealthy Affiliate and they provide training and tools to ultimately make a passive income with affiliate links on your website. Once you choose a niche, you find businesses that are selling products and services in that niche, write about it and … Read more

7 Found Pages of Writing, spoiler alert, It’s about Self – Love

December 6, 2020 3am As with many of the things I type up here, the brackets [ ] mean it is something I have added to clarify with or comment on. INTRO I have found some writing similar to the Thoughts On Paper content. It starts out with me explaining that I awoke early in … Read more

Jalie’s Dear Ellen Diary Part Three

Hello everyone!  Welcome back to another installment of my Dear Ellen Diary.  I hope you have enjoyed it so far.  My email is jstur1@gmail.com.  If you have tried to leave a comment and can’t, then I need to change some settings on my website.  Email me if this is the case, as I just don’t … Read more