Santa Clause Stress

Hello and thank you for visiting my website.  Today is Friday December 11, 2020.

It is my mission to share my experience, strength and hope with others, as well as ideas and information for living a better life.  On my other website you can read about the products I have invested in to improve air quality in my home, the water we drink and shower with, why full spectrum lighting is so important and the vitamins and minerals I am taking to feel better and younger.  And speaking of younger, I have also invested in some anti-aging products as well.  I am 54 years old, but I feel 30 and plan to keep it that way.  Dealing with stress in a healthy way can improve every area of your life.

At the end of this article you will find links for the Qigong course I am taking and for the business side of things, I have another website I put at the end of this article in case anyone is interested in how I built these websites and why.  Hint: it is to make a passive income.

Note: words in these brackets [ ] are things that I have added to comment or clarify.

A lot of these writings come from 2016 when I was having a difficult time dealing with chronic PTSD and major depression.  Luckily, I possessed the tools to cope and asked for help when I needed it.  If you read my Dear Ellen Diary you will understand what I mean.  It has some funny parts.  I am writing to Ellen.  How could it not?

During a stay in the psyche ward of a hospital for suicidal ideation,  I got some information about stress.   I think I misread the title of the handout but it gave me an idea.  That is how most of my ideas come along.  I don’t know what the heading of their list of stressors actually said anymore, but what I wrote made sense to me and it is the perfect time of year to address stress.

Actually any time of year in 2020. Here are just a few things, a few ways of thinking that might help.  I am a big affirmation user.  If you need ideas or any kind of help, in the spiritual arena, comment below or private message me on Facebook.

There are lots of causes of stress.  Especially around the holidays.  I’ll list them out, first the hospital handout and then my list.  What and how we think can cause us unnecessary stress.  Then I will add some ways to cope.

Here is their list:

Making a mistake is terrible.

It is essential to be loved by everyone.

I must always be competent.

If others criticize me, I must have done something wrong. [ ew, big one for me]

I can’t change the way I think.

I must rarely show weakness or cry. [used to be a big one for me]

Strong people do not ask for help.

Everything is within my control. (how many times has life shown me that I am powerless over people, places and things?)

Other people should see things the same way as I do.  [I don’t know about ‘see’ but I did tell a roommate she was folding her pants wrong.  once.  She said no, I am folding them differently than you do.  Dang it mom!  Why?!]

People should do what I want because they love me. [ it was opposite for me, I should do what others want me to in order to get their love]

The world ought to be fair.  [ well now, I think our parents have set us straight with that one.  Life isn’t fair.]

Santa Clause Stress  [the list I made Saturday April 2, 2016]

I must always be confident.

Everyone has to like me.

I have to be perfect.

I cannot ever be late.

I can’t let anyone down.

I have to live up to everyone’s expectations.

I must be motivated by compassion to relieve other’s suffering.

I must never say no.

I have to be perfect. (oh, I said that already, – it’s important.)

I have to be competent.

If you’re laughing, it’s because you relate.  Crying isn’t going to help!  He/ She who laughs loudest relates the most.  She who laughs hardest pees her pants!

There is a Solution.  Words of Wisdom.

We are all perfectly imperfect.

A positive thought is hundreds of times more powerful than a negative thought.  And there is a time delay.  All of our thoughts don’t come true instantly.  And thank goodness for that, or we would be in trouble.  This time delay serves you by allowing you to think about what you want, reassess and make a new choice.  It is impossible to monitor every one of the 60,000 thoughts that go through our minds everyday.  There is an easier way.  It is our feelings.  Thoughts before feelings is an incredible gift that we have to let us know what we are attracting.

I have created a list of over 120 quotes, affirmations and thoughts for living more positively aware and in the now.  Here is a sample of a few.

  1. If you believe you don’t deserve love you will block it.  John Bradshaw.
  2. Stop compromising by knowing what you want
  3. Circumstances don’t make the person, they reveal the person. John Bradshaw
  4. (#8 on my list) Man’s outward life is a result of the subjective state of his thoughts.  Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes.
  5. (#10) Even on the darkest nights, you can see the stars better.
  6. (#15)Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going. Jim Ryan
  7. (#44)Worrying is suffering in advance.  It is giving yourself permission to do nothing about the problem.
  8. (#45) The first step to unhappiness is comparing ourselves to others.
  9. (#48)The Universe plays no favorites.  It just says use me, direct me.  It doesn’t care. Dr. Tom Costa – I will add that God says yes to all your thoughts.
  10. (#64) While it is true wrong conditions exist, they could not remain unless there were someone there to experience them. Science of Mind – I would add that muscle has memory; fat has no consciousness.  And thank Goodness!
  11. (#71) This is the simple meaning of true metaphysical teaching, the study of Life and the nature of the Law governed and directed by thought.  Science of Mind
  12. (#72) Karma means cause and effect.
  13. (#73)Cause and effect means what’s put in determines what comes out.
  14. (#74) Buddha means awake, enlightened.
  15. (#76)  Our imagination is our greatest asset. Einstein.
  16. (#78) Beware of your limitations.  Dirty Harry played by Clint Eastwood said, “Every man should know his limitation”.
  17. (#83) If there is any field in which actual practice is necessary, it’s the metaphysical field.
  18. (#84) Most religions consist of too much theory and too little practice.
  19. (#96) In every delay, a blessing is on it’s way.
  20. (#103) Peace is covered up with thought.
  21. (#107) That which you desire, you already are.  Emmot Fox
  22. (#114) Any problem you have is an acceptance, tolerance and/or forgiveness problem
  23. (#115)  There are 5 Love Languages, learn yours and everybody’s.
  24. (#119) Be the water not the rock.  The Borg was right, resistance is futile.

I will end the list on my favorite number.

Parting thoughts:

Love yourself.  Have an attitude of gratitude.  Be of service without expectations.  Let peace be your goal and forgiveness be your function.  Don’t think too much.  Take care of yourself.

Take care of yourself by writing affirmations, praying, meditating, singing, dancing, listening to music, playing games (board or online), exercise- like Qigong, and by helping others (that really gets you out of your head and out of your own way).

Of course, exercise is a good stress reliever.  Qigong is an excellent solution.  Qigong (Chi-kung)Secrets Home Study Course is the course I am taking.  It is 22 weeks long.  Qigong is one of thousands of types of exercise from Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It is 1500 years old.  TCM is itself over 8000 years old.

Check out this 5 month course on Qigong.  I am amazed at the difference it makes in my body/mind.  If I miss a day, I can tell.  There are two magic words that go with the type of Qigong Marcus Santer teaches.  Relaxed and Gentle.  He offers a two week trial for under five dollars and reminds you when your two weeks are about to be up.  Check it out and you will see why I love it.  Click on Qigong and it will take you to his website and offer.  It is way cheaper than a gym membership or a piece of exercise equipment, or finding a teacher in your neck of the woods and will last you a life time. Not to mention it can extend that life time as it promotes health, vitality and longevity.  I think it is easier than yoga and Tai Chi.

And even tho it costs you nothing extra, it does help me out if you purchase from my website here, as I am a affiliate.  You can click on that info in the menu to read more about it what that means. And if you would like more information on the training I am involved with on how to build a website and become an affiliate,  please visit my other website and click on Wealthy Affiliate.  They have everything you need to start for free.  And if I can do this, anyone can.

Thank you for reading!  All the best!

Hang in there!


PS  a little update: today is Saturday December 12, 2020 and this morning I got up and the tips of some of my fingers were numb and cold.  It is called Raynaud’s Disease.  Poor circulation sometimes in the digits.  It has happened to my toes before also but not in long time.  I always think running hot water over them will help because I think they are just cold.  That doesn’t work.  Today I did the only two Qigong exercises I know ( I am behind in the course) and in less than 15 minutes they were fine.  They started to tingle and come awake right away.  I posted about this on Facebook with time stamped photos to show before and after.  And here I am typing away about it.  My Facebook is JalieTrimmerSturgeon.  Check it out if you like.

Happy Holidays!  Merry Christmas!  Happy Hanukkah!

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