Poem I wrote on 9/11/2001


I heaved my personal sobs

Crying for me

Crying for them

Crying for we

Crying for the sights I see

For those who have lost

Lives that were tossed

All the way across

The land from me

On another sea

Surrounded by a sea of tears

Of all of us grappling with fears

Consumed with a sorrow for our peers

Combination of cries, music, machinery, volunteers

Those in charge of tough decisions be brave through fear

Mystery of iniquity and evil abounds

Spirit, Faith and hope are found

In smoke, debris, unknown, unsound

The truth, love, and freedom in my heart pound

I will be ok with you and Him and we

My big national family tree

The Spirit of a Nation abides in us, you and me

Never alone and always free

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