About Jalie

Hi.  My name is Jalie.  My name used to be more unique than it is now.  In 1967 there were none that I knew of.  Now there are a few hundred in the world I would guess.  My dad’s name was Jay, his middle name was Lee, and my mom made it up.  I said those very words growing up every time I met someone new.  It rhymes daily and Bailey.  I have been called everything from Julie to Jolie to Yalie and Hawlee`eh.  I think people are getting smarter because these days fewer people mess up my name.  If you Google my name now, a sewing pattern comes up as well as a coffee/bakery some place.  So someone beat me to my own name as a stand alone domain name.  I am a singer/songwriter and play the guitar.  I am learning to watercolor with Let’s Make Art and Sarah Cray.  I have even sold paintings, even tho I am not that good, yet.  It is only because of Facebook that that happened.  We share.  We connect.  That is my goal. And of course to eke out a living on the internet.  

I have created this website to promote W.O.M.A.N. You guessed it!  That is an acronym.  It stands for Word of Mouth Advertising Nexus or Network.  I am a  bridge between products and services and people.  My dream since I came up with this acronym, that I thought would be funny, is if a man were to walk up to someone and say, “Hello.  I work for WOMAN.”

This is the place to recommend movies, books and businesses. Where there is need, there is someone in this world that wants to help.  Let us help each other here.  I have chosen certain products and ways to purchase these items on this site. Light, water, food, shelter and clothing are the basic things we need.  The rest are wants.  I have started with the things we need by providing links to buy full spectrum lighting. You can read about that here

I hope you will participate in what I like to call Share and Tell.

Thank you,

Jalie Sturgeon

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